If so, the short answer is: Folks just like you. 😊

The longer answer: We’ve prepared a few quick articles which will show you the most common groups of people who have built with us to-date. The next group on the list of people who build with Munro Homes are young families.

Young families

Unable to find homes with modern and functional floor plans that are suited to their needs and tastes, early thirty-something couples will often turn to us to help them build a home for their growing family.

If we had to pick the top two reasons why these folks tend to come to us, we would say:

1) Our selection of handpicked lots. You see, if you want to have a two-storey home like Claire and Phil Dunphy from ‘Modern Family,’ you need to start with a lot that can accommodate it.

2) Our ability to deliver great homes, on time, which meet their needs and tastes.

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