Maybe it’s just us, but we feel that one way to discover the best is to look closer at the details.

The best products and services are never shallow. Quite the opposite; they generously touch our senses because they are rich in meaningful details. And they are rich in meaningful details because THEIR MAKERS PICK UP where most of their counterparts leave off.

Case in point: Take another look at the picture featured in the image in this post, please.

It shows you day one of an installation of Blueskin® VP100 home wrap, made by Henry Building Envelope Systems®, at our new show home in Greenside Terrace.

// We’ll show you more pictures from this installation over the coming days. //

Did you know that Blueskin® VP100 home wrap has never before been used in Regina on a brand new home?

We’re very excited that the folks at Henry chose Munro Homes to be the FIRST home builder in Regina to offer this amazing product to you. The Blueskin® VP100 is the next-generation home wrap, and it helps get our homes closer to the so-called NetZero home standard.

(As you may know, NetZero homes are meant to be up to 80 percent more efficient than conventional homes and, ideally, have the potential to generate as much energy as they use.)

If you wish to see the amazing Blueskin® VP 100 in person, please stop by 490 Greenside Terrace in the next seven days or so. After then, because the home building process moves on, it will no longer be visible to the naked eye.

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