You know how in tennis ‘love’ means ‘having a score of zero’?

You know where else having a score of zero means love? 😊 In On-Trend homes, which are close to the NetZero home standard.

As you likely know, homes that are close to the NetZero home standard are built with the most advanced energy efficient materials and systems. And because of that, they are up to 80 percent more efficient than conventional homes.

One move-in ready home that’s close to the NetZero home standard is our showhome in Greenside Terrace. For example, it has:

– Blueskin® VP100 home wrap, made by Henry Building Envelope Systems®. Its Blueskin® VP100 home wrap was the first ever Blueskin® VP100 home wrap installation in Regina on a brand new home.

– SilveRboard Graphite rigid foam insulation. In short, SilveRboard Graphite ensures superior temperature stability throughout multiple levels of the home, reduces energy costs, and helps bring the home closer to the NetZero home standard.

– A cutting-edge heating and cooling setup called Hi-Velocity System™. In short, the Hi-Velocity System™:

✓ Uses hot water to heat the home rather than a furnace
✓ Delivers even temperatures from floor to ceiling (it eliminates hot and cold spots commonly found with conventional systems)
✓ Provides unsurpassed indoor air quality
✓ Uses a heat pump for cooling rather than A/C

Over to you. 😊

If you appreciate the positive impact our close-to-NetZero showhome in Greenside Terrace could have on your life and the environment, click here to contact our sales crew.

Via the above page, you can also request a private, in-person, or virtual viewing of the home.

– the Munro Homes crew

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