Some words convey more than their meaning. They are also a treat for the ear and food for the soul.

One of these words is ‘home.’ Remember the first time you said it? Little did you know just how special was the meaning of ‘home,’ that magical space your parents made for you to eat, play, grow…

You know what’s funny? The breeze of time makes all kids grow so fast. And because of all the hubbub which freshly minted adults have to go through next, 😊 they often start forgetting to make space in their new homes for those who did so much for them: their parents.

One way to take back what the breeze of life took away is to literally add the space in a new home for parents. And, if you bother to look around, you’ll see that a lot of people are interested in doing just that. More and more folks are looking for ways to make space in their homes for their parents.

It’s a trend we’re paying close attention to because Munro Homes is a) forever looking for ways to make life better for families, and b) because our goal is to be driving progress in all things home building in Canada.

So, here’s what we’re specifically doing about that trend: Our next On-Trend model home in the Creeks (at 3822 Goldfinch Way) is being built with a private entrance to a ‘home within a home.’

In addition to ample square footage, the home will in so many ways be ideally suited for either a big or multi-generational family living under one roof. (Alternatively, this design could be a great renting asset.)

Listen, we know that this is not for everyone. But, for the right folks, now is the time to start this conversation. Because we just broke ground, which means that there’s plenty of time for us to co-create this home with you.

If you’re someone who desires to make more room in your life for those who did so much for you — your parents — now is the time to take the first step. 💝

Questions/comments? Let’s chat. 😊

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