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Who builds with Munro Homes? (Part 4)

Have you ever asked yourself that?

If so, the short answer is: Folks just like you. 😊

The longer answer: We’ve prepared a few quick articles which will show you the most common groups of people who have built with us to-date. The next group on the list of people who build with Munro Homes are forty-something professionals.

Forty-something professionals

With growing flexibility in their free time and a disposable income, one of the reasons why forty-somethings will come to us is because they want to build their first dream home.

Their desire for such a home can start to blossom quickly. For example, after they fall in love with a floor plan they discover in their favourite magazine. Or after they see an idea in a movie for a space for private time away from other members of the home. 

One such space is an area for gatherings of their record club. As you may know, record clubs are the new book clubs. No texting. Little talking. And you must listen to every song on the album.

No matter what their primary motive is, forty-somethings tend to choose us because, when building a home, like in many other areas of their lives, they want to work with those who are uncommonly caring about their dreams.

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