If so, the short answer is: Folks just like you. 😊

The longer answer: We’ve prepared a few quick articles which will show you the most common groups of people who have built with us to-date. The next group on the list of people who build with Munro Homes are DIY folks.

DIY folks

While these folks come from all age groups and walks of life, they all usually want us to help them build a specific type of home called a lock-up home.

A lock-up home is a home that is built to the point where you can effectively “lock it up” because its foundation, framing, walls, roof, windows, doors, etc., are in place and operable. (The home is also sealed up for protection from the elements.)

Lock-up homes are most suitable for those who meet both of these conditions: a. Are comfortable with extensive DIY home construction projects. b. Are trying to maximize how much home they can get for their budget.

Whatever their reasons, we’re always happy to help DIY folks build a lock-up home. What’s more, we make building lock-up homes easy because, from the excavation stage to putting on shingles, we do ALL the heavy lifting. Guaranteed.

And because of our extensive experience and holistic understanding of all things home building, from day one we account for everything that needs to be done, even on your end in the post lock-up stage.

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