A Story About Sticking With a Winner 💝

One thing has been weighing on us for the past few days.

That thing? 

How to sit still long enough to preserve and share an UNCOMMONLY MOVING story that began after an inquiry about our On-Trend homes. 

Shortly after receiving this particular inquiry, we got a hunch that we may soon be awarded a one-of-a-kind-build like never before. 

You may be thinking, “Wait, how could that be? In your 35+ years of experience in home building, you’ve practically seen/heard almost everything.” 

And that would be a perfectly reasonable thing to think on most days. 

But not on that day.. Because, on that day, the person behind the above inquiry told us the backstory of how she came to contact us.

She said that her beloved next-door neighbours recently decided to move out of their existing home to build a brand new, On-Trend home with us.

While she was happy for her neighbours, she was also feeling unsettled because she’d soon be losing her treasured neighbours. 🙁

(Who among us doesn’t prefer to stick with a winner in you-name-it?)

And so, she asked herself the following question: “Maybe I too could move and build a new home beside my beloved neighbours?”

Which brings us to today’s story, as she then reached out to us to see if there was maybe a lot available next door to the lot where we’re currently building a new home for her beloved neighbours.

Fast forward a bit.. There was indeed such a lot! What’s more, we were able to acquire it for her, and she’s now preparing to build her own On-Trend home with us.

We’re feeling beyond happy and grateful to be sharing the above story with you.

We’re equally happy and grateful that our wonderful new client, who is for now keeping this exciting chapter of her life a bit under wraps, has awarded us the project of building her new home in the Creeks. Thank you again for letting us be a part of this uncommonly moving story, for letting us build your new home, and for making our city grow beautifully. 💝

– the Munro Homes crew

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