You Want To Get The Sure One, right?

You Want To Get right?

Whether you’re buying a car, a TV, etc., nowadays more than ever before you’re aware of its quality.

Thanks to online reviews, social media, and the ability to quickly poll your friends and family via text, you can quickly double-check the claims of quality for pretty much anything.

And you should always double-check. Especially for major investments. Because while many things may seem lovely at a glance these days, you want to get the sure one, right? 😊

Who can blame you? Deep down, we all know that in every product category there are usually only a few products that offer what we really need: peace of mind. These products not only seem lovely, but are actually also lovely to live with. And the reason why they are lovely to live with is simple: because they’re designed and built to a high standard.

Just like most products these days, the majority of new homes seem lovely at a glance. What often is not obvious is that many meet only basic building code standards.

And while the consequences of living in a home that hasn’t been designed and built to a high standard probably won’t be noticeable when it’s brand new, or even in the first 2 years, by year 4 or 5 the consequences will be unavoidable.

Maybe you’ll start noticing that you can hear every noise clearly throughout the house. Maybe you’ll start noticing cheap kitchen units that slam shut. Maybe you’ll start noticing the drafts around doors and windows, or the showers that… We could go on and on, you know.

The good news: You can buy a home that looks lovely and actually is lovely to live with.

Because, from day one, our mission was to be the best — not the largest — home builder in Saskatchewan, we ONLY sell homes that are designed and built to a high standard.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our long-time customers say about our homes:

We still love our Munro home, and it was built in 1998!” —Brenda Woods-Ell

Our home, an 1840 sq. ft. walkout bungalow, was built by Munro Homes 5 years ago. To this day, we enjoy our home like when we first moved in: with a feeling of a deep gratitude and appreciation for the builder.” —Wanchun Song

If you want a new home that looks lovely and actually is lovely to live with, click here to contact us.

Because, ultimately, you want to get the sure one, right?

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