“Take a simple idea and take it seriously.”

—Charlie Munger, the right hand of billionaire Warren Buffett

The above quote quietly crossed my mind recently, as I was thrilled to be signing the final approvals for both an addition to and renovation for a home in the Creeks.

One simple idea we take very seriously at Munro Homes is this: Giving uncommon care to every client, every step of the way. 

(By ‘every step of the way,’ we mean during the design, build, and post-possession periods, for as long as they own their home.)

A heck of a challenge? Yes. A lot of work? You bet.

Yet, here’s why we wouldn’t have it any other way: Because nothing makes our hearts sing sweeter than when one of our long-time clients reaches out to tell us that they want to either do some renos on their beloved Munro Homes built home or build an entirely new home with us.

And that takes us back to the start of this story.

We’re thrilled to get the above project started for many reasons. Let me mention two for now:

– Because the folks for whom we’re doing it are still in love with their Munro Homes built home.

– Because they remind us that, with the right co-pilot, it is both OK and easy to take your existing home to new heights.

Colin Chorneyko & the Munro Homes crew

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