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Could there be TWO next firsts from Munro Homes in one month in the Creeks?

By now, you may have seen our new show home in the Creeks. You may have also heard some of the feedback from its first visitors:

“I was so happy to have been invited to the special sneak peek reveal of the new show home by Munro Homes in the Creeks on Sep 5th. This is 100% the next first, and the most incredible show home I have ever seen! Hope you can go and see it in person 🥰 because the photos do not do it justice.” -Deanna Kirkpatrick (via FB)

We’re sharing this with you because:

– We’re happy and grateful to be involved in making our city grow beautifully by building another distinguished home in one of its most beloved neighbourhoods.

– The answer from the opening question of this story is: yes.

It’s true — we’re almost ready to share one more ‘THE NEXT FIRST’ story in the Creeks with you.

Stay tuned,
—the Munro Homes crew

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