Pre-Sale Prep by Munro Homes

Could you use the Pre-Sale Prep by Munro Homes?

This service was originally started to help our clients prepare their homes for sale.

The reason why you maybe haven't heard much about it yet is simple: pre-sale prep was just something we'd offer to do for clients who'd tell us they were planning to sell their homes.

We finally decided to standardize the service and give it a name in order to make it easier for ALL of our clients to use. (Most folks feel more comfortable asking for a service when they know upfront exactly how it works.)

"I'm a client. How do I use your pre-sale prep?", you may be thinking right now.

1. Contact us via the form below to request a free Pre-Sale Prep Walkthrough Inspection & Consult. We can usually come out within 24 hours of the request.

Please note: Even folks who are not yet our clients can use the above service if they're planning to build with us or are thinking about buying one of our available homes.

2. You'll get a simple report detailing the touch-ups and/or improvements that will increase the home's appeal and deliver the greatest return.

If all your home needs are some touch-ups, we'll do them for free. And if you need more than touch-ups, we'll give you a quote for the work.

3. When you're ready to start the work, just contact us.

Every Pre-Sale Prep by Munro Homes is assigned a dedicated project manager who oversees the work from beginning to end and serves as a single point of contact for you.

What's more, if necessary, we'll also gladly connect you with our preferred realtors, as well as other trusted helpers (e.g. home cleaning services, etc.) whose services may be useful to you.

In the unlikely event that you might feel less than happy with our market-leading renovation service for prepping your home for sale, you can always contact the president of Munro Homes, Colin Chorneyko, via

A quick comparison between your two options

DIY pre-sale home improvement process

Time-consuming: You have to vet contractors.
Stressful: You have to hope they'll meet deadlines.
Risky: You have to hope they'll deliver a quality and desirable product.


The Pre-Sale Prep by Munro Homes 

✓ Easy: We have all the trades lined up, and they’re all time-tested pros.

✓ Fast: From the initial walkthrough inspection & consult, to touch-ups and (if necessary) renos, to the final walkthrough, our entire process is turn-key and designed for speed.

✓ Smart: Our clients already know that the quality of our craftsmanship is of the highest standard and always delightfully on-trend.

Why waste time making calls when we can get your pre-sale prep done now? 😊

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