THIS brand new home is for sale and it INCLUDES ONE THING most new home buyers want but usually don’t get, as it doesn’t come with most new homes.

You probably guessed what it is, didn’t you?

Before we confirm that your gut feeling is likely spot on and reveal the one thing, may we first tell you why we can say with a good deal of confidence that the benefit in question is one of the most desired things for most new home buyers?

Ready? 😊 BECAUSE we’ve been listening to new home buyers for the past 35+ years.

When they tour new homes (online and offline), they tend to ‘check off’ boxes on their ‘gotta have-it’ list. And the box which usually sits near the top of that list is this: “Is the basement finished?” (It’s actually more than just another box — it’s often a deal breaker.)

Are you nodding? It wouldn’t surprise us.

A finished basement plays a BIG role in our desire to live in a home, which, from the bottom to the top, is a true cocoon for our entire family from the day we move in.

Below is a short list of reminders why a finished basement makes the entire home much, much more comfortable and valuable:

✓ Because it can provide a quiet play area for the kids, or a home office.
✓ Because it can offer a bit of extra privacy for teenagers and their friends.
✓ Because it can be the Netflix or poker-nights-with-friends-hideaway for the adults.

Even a glance at the above list kind of makes it hard not to want a finished basement, no?

And that takes us back to the start of this story: The thing that the home spotlighted in this story INCLUDES which most new homes don’t is a finished basement. 💝

What’s more, we even virtually staged the basement (see images titled ‘now’ and ‘what could be’ 👇) to show you just a glimpse of how fun and practical it could be from move-in day onwards.

Over to you: If you’d like to see this brand new home (possession can be immediate) in person, please click here to contact our sales crew.

p.s. Almost forgot: there’s no extra charge for the finished basement in this home.

Now 👇

What could be 👇

A few more highlights and images of this home:

✅ Style: Two-Storey featuring an open concept
✅ Size: 2083 sq. ft.
Beds: 6
✅ Baths: 3
✅ Main floor den
✅ Walkthrough pantry and mudroom
✅ Location: Harbour Landing, aka a trend-setting neighbourhood in Regina

The home is listed at $649K, which includes lot and taxes.

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