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This just in: Here’s What’s Next!

Remember our promise from last Thursday to soon bring you a good story about a topic you’d likely be interested in?

The topic: What’s next?

Maybe it’s just us, but if you’re anything like most people who are doing things and going places, the question of what’s next is often on your mind. Because you understand that YOU need to keep on setting yourself up for long-term happiness.

One important part of the recipe for setting yourself up for long-term happiness involves living in a great home. And all great homes start with.. you guessed it right: the lot location.

And that’s why, today, we’re excited to tell you that the place we had in mind last Thursday is the boutique development in northwest Regina called Greenside Terrace.

What’s more, we’re thrilled to tell you that Munro Homes is going to be one of the two exclusive builders in Greenside Terrace.

Folks, there’s an energy at Greenside Terrace that’s undeniable, and it is in big part driven by the shared passion of homebuyers who are looking for active living in a natural environment.

Overlooking the beautifully landscaped Joanne Goulet Golf Course and Wascana Creek, Greenside Terrace is generously intertwined by parks and walkways/bike paths. And that means that if you aren’t going to be pulling a golf cap onto your head, you’ll likely be tightening the strap of a bike helmet under your chin in Greenside Terrace. 😊

Before we go any further, are you looking to build your next home in a boutique development in northwest Regina that’s all about active living in a natural environment?

If so, please click here to contact our sales crew. 😊

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