Framily. 💖

Did that word make you chuckle? 😊

It’s a new-ish word that describes all kinds of loving folks (and organizations) which tend to go the extra mile for us when we’re in need of support outside of our family.

One such group of folks runs the Regina Residential Resource Centre. The RRRC is dedicated to enabling individuals with intellectual disabilities to safely, productively, and enjoyably live in our beloved city.

As you can likely imagine, the folks at the RRRC work hard to keep their arms and doors open. And, like any great helpers, they too need help.

For example, they recently needed to upgrade their kitchen because it was getting old and unsanitary. (They also needed to upgrade their storage cabinets for securing medical supplies and similar necessities.)

We don’t remember how we first heard that the folks at the RRRC needed to make those upgrades. But shortly after the news reached us, we decided to donate time and materials to help them out.

Then something magical happened. Some of our trade partners heard about our plan to help the RRRC, and they decided to join us by donating their time and/or materials.

Thank you again Fries Tallman Lumber, Rick’s Custom Cabinets, Queen City Painting, Hai’s Interiors, and Sterling Plumbing and Heating for everything you did to help us upgrade the RRRC’s kitchen and their storage cabinets.

We sincerely appreciate your craftsmanship and your ongoing efforts to make our city grow beautifully. LITERALLY! 😊

Finally, thank you also from the bottom of our hearts for helping us show that ‘Framily’ is a thing in Regina, and that in our beloved city love and support await us at almost every corner. 💖

-the Munro Homes crew

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