The pictures you’re looking at show you an installation of SilveRboard Graphite insulation, made by Amvic, at our new show home in Greenside Terrace.

SilveRboard Graphite rigid foam insulation is the next-generation home-insulation solution.

We’re using it because it provides a number of next-level On-Trend benefits to homeowners. Specifically, in short, SilveRboard Graphite ensures superior temperature stability throughout multiple levels of the home, reduces energy costs, and brings the home closer to the so-called NetZero home standard.

BTW, does the phrase ‘NetZero home standard’ mean anything to you?

It’s OK if it’s not ringing any bells. 😊 In short, because a NetZero home should be built using ONLY the most advanced energy efficient materials and systems, it’s meant to be up to 80 percent more efficient than a conventional home.

Over to you.

If you appreciate the positive impact an energy efficient On-Trend home can have on your life (e.g. save you money on utilities) and the environment, and you don’t wait until the future 😊, contact our sales crew to learn more about an energy efficient show home we’re building in Greenside Terrace.

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