The pictures you’re looking at show you an installation of Blueskin® VP100 home wrap, made by Henry Building Envelope Systems®, at our new show home in Greenside Terrace.

Blueskin® VP100 home wrap, which has never before been used in Regina on a brand new home, is the next-generation home wrap. We’re using it because it helps get our homes closer to the so-called NetZero home standard.

BTW, does the phrase ‘NetZero home standard’ mean anything to you?

It’s OK if it’s not ringing any bells. 😊 In short, because a NetZero home should be built using ONLY the most advanced energy efficient materials and systems, it’s meant to be up to 80 percent more efficient than a conventional home.

Over to you.

If you appreciate the positive impact an energy efficient On-Trend home can have on your life (e.g. save you money on utilities) and the environment, and you don’t wait until the future 😊, contact our sales crew to learn more about an energy efficient show home we’re building in Greenside Terrace.

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