How does Munro Homes stack against the best Canadian home builders?”

You’ve likely wondered about that at one point in time, no? 😊

One objective way to judge the quality of our craftsmanship is to put it into an arena where it can compete with the best new home builders in Canada.

And that’s exactly what we do. Did you know that in the last several years, including the 2020 competition, we’ve been nominated 5 times as a finalist for the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) National Awards for Housing Excellence, aka the Oscars for new home builders in Canada?

The cherry on top is that we won that award twice during this time! Is that an objective answer to the question ‘how does Munro Homes stack against the best Canadian home builders,’ or what? 😊

Speaking of the 2020 CHBA competition, two (yay! 🙌) of our homes are finalists this year:

— Our show home in the Creeks (see the 2nd image in this post), aka perhaps the most Instagrammable show home in Regina right now.

— A fantabulous infill home backing Wascana Drive and the Saskatchewan Science Centre (please see the 3rd image in this post).

The original 2020 CHBA award ceremony was postponed due to COVID-19, but it is finally being held virtually this Friday. And while it’s always an honour to be a finalist in such a competitive and important industry in Canada, we’re hoping to win this Friday!

Having said that, one thing we’re already 100% certain of: We’ll never stop expanding the boundaries of new home building so that we can keep adding joy to the lives of our clients, and fellow Reginans, every time we get a chance to help our city and the province grow beautifully.

—the Munro Homes crew

A few more images of the above infill home.👇

A few more images of our new show home in the Creeks.👇

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