Another Munro Homes built home is going up on a lakefront at Echo Lake! ✨

Folks, we’re happy and grateful to tell you that our wonderful new clients awarded us the project of building their new home on a lakefront at Echo Lake.

The project will begin with us removing the old home from the lot. Why are we mentioning this? Because at Echo Lake (and other similar popular destinations), there are often not many empty lots available. But, you can often buy an older home/cottage there and then have us tear down and remove the old home before building a brand new oasis for you and your loved ones.

You see, thanks to our service called ‘Munro Homes Unlimited,’ our builds are not ‘limited’ to the areas where we build most often — the lots in the Creeks, Skyview, Harbour Landing, and other new subdivisions in Regina.

From purchasing the lot for you, to removing the old home, to designing a new home, to finally building it for you, we do ALL the heavy lifting. Guaranteed. 💯

We’re not sure if the Munro Homes Unlimited service is for you, but if it is, please contact our sales crew today.

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