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This just in: Construction of a new Munro Homes infill home backing Wascana Drive and the Saskatchewan Science Centre is moving along nicely. 😊

BTW, did you know that Munro Homes builds infill homes?

Our service called “Munro Homes Unlimited” was designed specifically to help folks like you build homes like infill homes. From purchasing the lot for you, to removing the old home (if necessary), to designing a new home, and finally building it for you, we do ALL the heavy lifting. Guaranteed.

Wait, why do folks choose to build an infill home?” you may be thinking.

In our experience, here are a few reasons why:

✅ Because they want to raise a family in the same area they grew up in. The neighbourhood is close to a nice elementary school and park, but the home they found simply doesn’t include the amenities they want and need for their growing family.

✅ Because they are young professionals who want to live in the same area they grew up in. The neighbourhood is close to work, amenities, and even some folks who they care about a lot.

✅ Because they are empty nesters who had a great life while living in one area of the city and now wish to make even more memories there. However, as the home they found needs significant upgrades, they want to start fresh and build a home in which relaxed luxury and sophistication suggest a sense of legacy. At every corner.

Over to you: Considering your current daily needs, activities, and hobbies, will a home in a brand new subdivision work for you? If so, great. We’d be happy to build it with you.

But if not, have you considered building an infill home? If so, we’d be happy to build it with you.

We do ALL the heavy lifting, and we give you a single point of contact and responsibility from ‘hello’ to getting the keys to your infill home. Guaranteed. 💝

—the Munro Homes crew

p.s. Have you seen our new infill lot at 2820 Hill Ave yet? The story continues here.

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