How often do you mindfully revisit the good moments in your life?

Doing so can be so much fun. Inspirational, too, as the experience lets you see that the ingredients of the life-enriching tonic we simply call ‘happiness’ are not as elusive as some would have you believe. Quite the opposite.

Take a topic dear to our hearts: Building great homes. A must-have ingredient for building a great home is.. you guessed it: the lot location. And while times change, certain expectations as to what makes a lot desirable seem timeless.

For instance, many people desire lots that are hugged by nature (e.g. lined with shaded trees, situated close to the water, etc.), because they intuitively know that nature makes us happier.

Did you know that we recently purchased a lot that’s hugged by nature? It’s located in Lakeview at 2820 Hill Ave.

Are you maybe looking for one such lot in the Lakeview area? If so, please contact our sales crew. Because a lot hugged by nature can make you happier.😊

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