A lot to love. ๐Ÿ’– Sold!

The banquet is in the first bite.

Ever heard that expression?

Popularized by the writer Michael Pollan, it condenses a poorly kept secret: the first seconds of many experiences in life are very important.

(Think back to the way a new car smells the moment you first enter it, the way the unboxing of your new iPhone makes you feel, the intro music of your fave TV show, etc.)

Maybe it’s just us, but when it comes to building your new home, the location of the lot is a lot like that first bite at a banquet.

You see, while building styles change over time, certain expectations as to what makes a lot desirable seem timeless. For example, folks tend to desire homes in neighbourhoods that are situated close to the water, beautiful walking trails, etc.

In Regina, the area around the Saskatchewan Science Centre is one such neighbourhood. Finding a great lot for sale in that area is usually not an easy task.

Usually, however, does not include today, because we recently purchased a gem at 2919 Quinn Dr.

We’re not sure if it’s for you, but if you’d like to learn more about this gem of a lot, please contact our sales crew.

Thank you,
Colin Chorneyko

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