This just in

This just in..

Our show home in the Creeks (4534 Chuka Dr), which on Jun 12, 2020 won a national award (CHBA) for quality and design, is now conditionally sold!

Soon after it was announced that the above home is officially one of the best in Canada, many a cheering ‘Congrats!’ & ‘I/we agree, because the home is fantabulous’ responses came our way.

The most enthusiastic response was the one we received from the home’s new owner. 💝

Let us close this announcement with two quick notes:

First, a big thank you to all who visited the above show home, told your friends and family about it (online and in person), and/or helped spread the word about it in any other way.

Second, for the next month or so, you can still visit our show home in the Creeks during the following times:

Tue to Thu from 7pm to 9pm; and
Sat & Sun from 1pm to 5pm. (Except during long weekends.)

If you want to see in-person perhaps the most Instagrammable show home in Regina in 2020, now is the time to do so.

To arrange for a private viewing, please click here to contact our sales crew.

Thank you,
—the Munro Homes crew

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