Munro Homes

‘A lot to love..’

.. was the headline of the first story we published not that long ago to tell you that Munro Homes purchased a lovable lot at 2919 Quinn Dr.

Many a cheering ‘Yes, we agree because we love the location of the lot‘ responses came our way. And the most enthusiastic response was the one from the lot’s new owners and our new clients, Katherine and Rob.

Thank you, Katherine and Rob, for letting us build your new On-Trend home on this lovable lot backing Wascana Drive and the Saskatchewan Science Centre.

Thank you to all who visited the above lot, told your friends and family about it (online and in person), and/or helped spread the word about it in any other way.

—the Munro Homes crew 😊

p.s. Are you searching for a lot to love? If so, let us help. No appointment is necessary to start selecting your own lot to love with the Munro crew, or to get answers to the questions you haven’t found answers for on the internet.

To begin the process, and to understand your needs, our crew will use this cutting-edge technology called ‘listening.’ Then — and only then — we’ll make suggestions that make sense for you.

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