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Can you design happiness?

If you’re anything like most folks, you likely don’t think about that question every day. And even when folks do think about it, they often quietly leave it alone, as the answer seems so elusive. But is it?

Because happiness leaves clues. 😊 For example, remember how great you felt the last time you rode a bicycle on a nice biking trail? It’s no surprise: biking connects us with nature, fresh air, gentle exercise, etc., and all of that tends to make us happier.

Or, do you remember how yummy your kitchen smelled the last time a pan of freshly baked brownies was taken out of the oven? Or the way that the unboxing of a new smartphone made you feel? 😊

When we do take time to mindfully revisit the good moments in our lives, we see that the ingredients of the life-enriching tonic we simply call ‘happiness’ are not as elusive as some would have you believe. Quite the opposite.

Take a topic dear to our hearts: Building great homes. One important ingredient for building a great home is.. you guessed it right: the lot location.

As you know, while it is true that building styles change over time, it is also true that many of the ideas about what makes a lot desirable are timeless. For instance, folks tend to desire homes in neighbourhoods that are lined with shaded trees, situated close to beautiful walking trails, the water, etc.

In Regina, the area around Hill Ave in Lakeview is one such neighbourhood. This is why finding a great lot for sale in that area is usually not an easy task. Usually, however, does not include today, because we own a gem at 2820 Hill Ave.

We’re not sure if it’s for you, but if you’d like to learn more about this gem of a lot, or about building a home that can give you more happiness, please contact our sales crew.

—the Munro Homes crew 😊

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