We’re sharing our dreams with you because we have very high expectations and feel that you can reach them.

Just 19 words.

And yet, believe it or not, those 19 words capture the essence of our conversations with a couple of young professionals about their plans for a brand new home.

From the choice of the lot (it’s backing onto the McKell Wascana Conservation Park in the Creeks) to the first sketches of the front entrance, everything about this project said ‘Unique.’

It was clear that, to build their new home, we’d need to reach new heights in marrying dreams and craftsmanship.

But those are exactly the kinds of words that set hearts racing at Munro Homes. And the couple from the start of our story must have felt that. Because they awarded us the project.

Folks, we’re sharing this with you because we’re both happy and grateful to be involved in making our city grow beautifully by building another distinguished home in one of its most beloved neighbourhoods โ€” the Creeks.

Thank you,
The Munro Homes crew โœจ

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