A lot to love: 4130 Timber Creek Pl.

First, let’s zoom out.

This beautiful 59’ (wide) lot is located in the southeast part of Regina, in The Creeks, aka one of Regina’s most prestigious neighbourhoods.

Listen, that’s not us talking: that’s the residents of The Creeks talking. (Just Google it.)

The folks who live there are quick to tell you that nowhere else in Regina will you find this combination of large lots, carefully crafted, luxurious homes, and a location that’s gently nestled between nature and must-have amenities.

Munro Homes

Now, let’s zoom in.

Did you know that this lot comes with the fence and landscaping included?

Together, we can build a great On-Trend home on this lot.

Please note: The above lot is situated in a bungalow-style condo development area. This, among other things, means that a home built on it must be a bungalow and meet certain architectural standards.

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p.s. The lot is $199,900 plus GST.

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