The hint guide 2023

The hint guide 2023

5 smart hints for elevating your new home and your life in 2023

1. Putting cleaner water within reach.

Keep yourself, your family, your pets, and your plants hydrated with this chic, hands-free accessory which includes an automatic timed shut-off to prevent spills.

For more info about this handy & trendy thingamabob, please visit the manufacturer’s website

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2. Pegboards are 💯 utilitarian. But now they’re stylish, too. 🔥

“From that utilitarian who-cares-how-it-looks approach, where it was strictly about its functionality, it really morphed into a decor statement, where it’s the perfect marriage of something that looks cool and fun, but also is very functional,” says Amy Panos, an editor at Better Homes & Gardens in a recent article in the Washington Post. “And I think that’s why it’s taken off recently.” 

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3. Use statement lighting to balance practicality with mood creation in your home.

Say you love your kitchen. But say you also want to somehow (and possibly relatively simply) level it up? 🧐

Here’s one idea: Use statement lighting to balance practicality with mood creation.

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4. Put yourself on a pedestal in your backyard with a backyard studio.

Backyards are a great place to be. And a backyard studio shed can make them even better. Whether you or your loved ones need a quiet spot to record a podcast or TikTok video, or just catch up on emails or calls, your backyard studio shed could be a great fit for your everyday life.

And we can build it for you. Please click here to see a backyard shed we built for the folks at the Make-A-Wish® foundation.

5. Dyson Pet Grooming Kit to groom medium- and long-haired pets

This attachment for your Dyson vacuum (and other brands) does double duty by first brushing and grooming your dog’s coat, and then by sucking the hair directly into the vacuum.

This Pet Grooming Kit is a straightforward, inexpensive home improvement that will revolutionize how you keep your furniture, carpets, and air free of pet dander. 🐶

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