The hint guide 2022

The hint guide 2022

5 smart hints for elevating your new home and your life in 2022

1. "If only I could control my sprinklers with my phone.."

Sound like you?

If yes, take a look at the B-hyve XR smart sprinkler controller. (It’s available on Amazon.)

A few highlights about this handy thingamabob:

– It automagically adjusts schedules and timing around weather conditions.

– Its weatherproof case allows for outdoor mounting without a protective box.

–  The sleek, attractive design means you won’t need to hide it when mounted indoors.

What’s more, you can see what your timer is doing at a glance thanks to three full-colour active-matrix displays about the current weather, when next your timer will run, or why it might be in a weather delay.

Check out their video for more details.

2. "All I want is a simple smokeless fire pit that looks good and is actually easy to clean.."

Now you can have all of that thanks to the Tiki Fire Pit. 🔥

Too many reviews to mention from reputable sources like this confirm that it is as good as advertised.

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3. Showering elevated. Simply.

Love your shower but want to somehow (and possibly simply) level it up? 🧐

This easy-add-on Brondell vitamin C filter will provide you with a beautifully scented, spa-like shower experience, leaving you feeling refreshed, clean, calm, and healthy.

More good news: You can buy it on Amazon.  

4. Put yourself on a pedestal in your kitchen in 2022 by simplifying your cookware with an Always Pan.

One of the reasons why this perky do-it-all wonder has a cult-like-following is due to the fact that it’s designed to replace 8 traditional pieces of cookware.

The Always Pan replaces your:

– fry pan,

– saute pan,

– steamer,

– skillet,

– saucier,

– saucepan,

– non-stick pan,

– spatula, and

– spoon rest.

And it looks pretty, pretty good too, doesn’t it? 😊

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5. Finn Calming Pet Treats

These calming soft chews are like a chill pill for your pup. 

Made with organic hemp and natural herbs, pop one in their food or present it to them like a treat.

These treats are endorsed by vets and can help your dog(s) with stress and hyperactivity, whether you’re home or not.

The story continues here. 🐶

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