Got a secret crush on that small-town Saskatchewan feeling? 👀

– If you’ve heard that your friends moved to Lumsden and are loving it..

– If you desire to live in a place where feeding your kids’ friends dinner –– even a few times a week –– is completely normal..

– If you want to put the money you’re saving on the lot price (because lots in Lumsden are generally less expensive than lots in Regina) into buying a new home built by one of the best home builders in Canada because (among other things) it offers better lifetime and resale value + a chance to experience what living in a top-notch home feels like..

– If you desire to live in a place where you and your loved ones know who your neighbours are –– like, really know –– and know that they watch out for you..

– If you desire to live in a place where you and your loved ones would form friendship bonds that can’t be broken..

– If you want to buy a new home that both looks lovely and actually is lovely to live with (to the best of our knowledge, we offer the most comprehensive post-possession care and services package to new home buyers in Regina & the surrounding area via the Munro Homes Carebrella)..

– If you desire to buy a new home that will be a true cocoon, aka a deeply comforting nest for all kinds of important life events..

.. then our new show home in Lumsden (currently under construction; rendering shown in this post) might be the right fit for you.

That small-town Saskatchewan feeling is calling. Is today the day you take the call?

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