Understanding is love’s other name

Understanding is love’s other name

Accidents to the home happen more often than most of us think. 

One of the most severe accidents that can happen to a home is damage from a fire. It tends to be so difficult to deal with in part because, in its aftermath, you suddenly must make a stockpile of decisions with which you have no experience. So, in those situations, how do you decide in whose hands to place the rebuild of your family’s home?

One starting point is to have a conversation with a home builder who is experienced in dealing with ALL aspects of rebuilding a fire-destroyed home.

Did you know that we’ve completed many home-rebuilding projects since 1984? It’s true. Those experiences taught us a great deal about how homeowners go about awarding their rebuild to a builder. And if we had to pick the top 2 reasons why those folks chose us, we’d say:

1. Because we’re compassionate listeners. Compassionate listening is hard and therefore rare. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one family whose home we recently rebuilt said: “We chose Munro Homes because you’re the only builder we interviewed who really listened to us.” —the Gallant family

2. Because, in their gut, they feel that we can meet ALL of their expectations WITHOUT adding a single extra worry to their already disrupted lives.

When it comes to rebuilding a fire-destroyed (or for some other reason severely damaged) home in Regina, one decision can make a thousand of your worries go away.

Contact us if you need help with rebuilding a home.
– the Munro Homes crew

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