Pinteresting ✨

Once upon a time, when folks wanted to ‘pin’ something, they usually wanted to hold onto a useful piece of information.

Today, thanks to the internet, you can easily hold onto all kinds of interesting things.

“OK, but still: why is the headline of this post pinteresting?”

Because it’s about something interesting you may want to pin. Specifically, a lot in Maple Ridge (at 6861 Maple Vista Drive).

First, let’s zoom out.

Maple Ridge is located in the northwest part of Regina, and is close to schools, recreation facilities, great shopping, services, and major traffic arteries for easy access to all key Regina locations.

Now, let’s zoom in.

Imagine a … well, you can really let your imagination go. Because, together, we can build any On-Trend Home on this lot.

So, does that sound pinteresting? 😊 If yes, please contact us.

// Map image via Google Maps // 

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