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What do you usually do when presented with a wonderful chance? Just seeing it can instantly make you feel better and happier.

But even with a wonderful chance, you still may hesitate to act on it in a meaningful way, right? That’s normal. It’s also normal to feel that it’s impossible to do nothing. 

➡️ Get the right of first refusal to own our newest show home on Hill Ave in Lakeview. Click here to start. 

➡️ The rendering shown in this article gives you a sense of how wonderful our new show home will be. (It’s currently under construction.)

➡️ You’ll get relaxed luxury, trend-setting sophistication, and top-notch craftsmanship in this show home. We’ve been building nationally awarded On-Trend Homes since 1984. Our most recent award is from our fellow Reginans, who voted us the best home builder in Regina in 2022 in Prairie Dog magazine’s annual poll.

➡️ The neighbourhood is hugged by nature—it’s lined with mature trees and close to Wascana Lake.

➡️ The show home will be a great fit for: emptynesters, such as those who had a lovely life while living in the area and now wish to make even more memories there (but know that their current home needs too-many-to-count-and-deal-with upgrades); or young professionals who seek the ‘step back in time & established’ feel; or folks who want to raise a family in a stable, charming, and calm area.

➡️ We could keep listing the benefits by telling you that the home will be ENERGY STAR® certified, spacious, etc. But all of that would still be just an appetizer. The right buyer needs a vivid imagination to appreciate just how wonderful the chance to own our newest show home in this distinguished neighbourhood really is. And that’s why the headline of this story is “A wonderful chance to own the newest Munro Homes show home — but only someone with a vivid imagination is likely to capitalize on it.”

So, what will you do with this wonderful chance? Are you at a point where it’s impossible to do nothing? If that’s the case, simply click here to schedule a chat with us.

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