Where in Regina can I build an On-Trend Home by Munro Homes?

Wherever you want.

Even if the lot I/we want still has the old home on it?

You bet! Our service called “Munro Homes Unlimited” was designed specifically to help folks like you build new homes on lots with old homes still on them.

From purchasing the lot for you, to removing the old home, to designing a new home, and finally building it for you, we do ALL the heavy lifting. Guaranteed.

We’re not sure if the Munro Homes Unlimited service is for you, but if it is, please contact our sales crew today.

No appointment is necessary to start co-creating your home with the Munro Homes crew, or to get answers to the questions you haven’t found answers for on the internet.

To begin the process, and to understand your needs, our crew will use this cutting-edge technology called ‘listening.’ Then — and only then — we’ll make suggestions that make sense for you.

—the Munro Homes crew 

p.s. In case you’re wondering, the service was named “Munro Homes Unlimited” because we wanted to remind folks that our builds are not ‘limited’ to the areas where we build most often — the lots in the Creeks, Maple Ridge, and other new subdivisions in the city.

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