Does the phrase ‘lock-up home’ mean anything to you? 

It’s OK if it’s not ringing any bells. 😊

A lock-up home is a home that is built to the point where you can effectively “lock it up” because its foundation, framing, walls, roof, windows, doors, etc., are in place and operable. (The home is also sealed up from the elements.)

Did you know that we build lock-up homes?

“Didn’t know that. Wait, why would anyone build a lock-up home?” you may be thinking.

In our experience, here are the top two reasons why:

1. Because some folks wish to maximize how much home they can get for their budget.

2. Because some folks feel comfortable with extensive DIY home construction projects.

Whatever their reasons, we’re always happy to help folks build a lock-up home.

What’s more, we make building lock-up homes easy.

Here are some of the reasons why folks choose us to build their lock-up homes:

✓ Because from the excavation stage to putting on shingles, we do ALL the heavy lifting. Guaranteed.

✓ Because we give you a single point of contact and responsibility from ‘hello’ to getting the keys to your lock-up home.

We have all the trades lined up, they’re all time-tested pros, and that’s why the lock-up homes we build are done fast. Guaranteed.

✓ Because of our extensive experience and holistic understanding of all things home building, from day one we account for everything that needs to be done, even on your end in the post lock-up stage. Guaranteed.

You can think of it like preparing a Thanksgiving dinner with a master chef like Martha Stewart: Even before the cooking starts, they know EXACTLY what and when things need to happen for folks to have a meal they’ll never forget. 💞

If you have any questions about lock-up homes, let’s chat. 💬


Almost forgot: In certain areas, having a reputable builder/contractor build a home to the lock-up stage is the only way folks are allowed to build their own home.

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