Over 80% of the Reginans who took part in our recent poll about our new showhome suggested that they loved the idea of us building a showhome in a mature neighbourhood. (For details, you can see the full results here.) 

Love-filled homes are the only kind of homes we build. ❤️

You see, from building on hand-picked lots, to using only high-performing windows, doors, and skylights, to offering only the latest in exterior & interior designs, our homes look lovely and are lovely to live with because they are filled with love. Even in places where you may not immediately spot it.

To acknowledge your appreciation of our ongoing efforts to only build love-filled homes, we’re naming the process of building our new showhome ‘Live in Love.’ This is why, every time you see an update about it, it will feature the heart-shaped visual you’re seeing in this post.

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