Would you like to sleep as soundly as Julia Roberts? 😊

Today’s story begins on page 142 of the book titled ‘Four Seasons’ by the founder of the prestigious Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Isadore Sharp.

On this page, Sharp tells us about the brief moment in which the Four Seasons received its best piece of publicity. Ever.

The moment happened during an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show, when Oprah Winfrey casually asked the Hollywood movie star Julia Roberts about her travel experiences.

“Favorite thing to sleep in for you?” Winfrey asked Roberts.
“A Four Seasons bed,” the movie star replied.
Winfrey then went on to say, “Four Seasons’ bed is the only bed better than my own; now that is not an advertisement; that is the truth!”

What millions of people who were watching the show that day probably did not realize is that Sharp started working on getting that accolade a few decades earlier.

Here’s Sharp again: “In building our first hotel, I had been concentrating on customers: What would our customers want most? I had little hotel experience but enough to know what most people wanted: a quiet room, a good night’s sleep, and an invigorating morning shower.”

Do you agree that quiet bedrooms are a must-have for self-care and well-being?

It wouldn’t surprise us. We’ve been seeing an increase in interest from home buyers for having premium soundproofing measures for quite some time now.

That interest seems to be driven by a practical reason: Most people wish to do all they can to ensure that their home is a true cocoon, aka a comforting nest for all kinds of important life events.

The good news: Premium soundproofing features offer a proven way for forging an On-Trend Home into a true cocoon for all kinds of important life events.

Over to you: Would you like to sleep as soundly as Julia Roberts? 💤

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