Today’s story begins with an obvious fact: The majority of new homes seem lovely at a glance. But what’s not obvious is that many meet only basic building code standards.

“Huh. When do the consequences of living in a home that hasn’t been built to a high standard become noticeable?’, you may be thinking now.

Instantly, sadly. 😔

For example, you’d spend more on utilities like heating if you lived in a home which has not been built to a high standard, such as an Energy Star® certified home.

Did you know that every home we build is Energy Star® certified? Some of the top benefits of an Energy Star® certified home include:

— It’s 20% more energy-efficient than a typical new home.

— Its walls and ceilings are insulated beyond what is required by the building code. In addition to saving heating costs, this contributes to more even, pleasant temperatures throughout the home.

— Its heating and cooling systems are more efficient. This reduces energy consumption and your utility bills. Every. Single. Month.

— It has upgraded air-sealing. This provides better comfort to you because it reduces drafts, cold spots, dust, pollen, pests, and noise.

— It has high-performing windows, doors, and skylights. (“We love our doors and windows” is one of the things our clients often tell us after moving in. You don’t need to be an engineer to sense when there’s been care taken with a product.)

— It has a high-performing, whole-home ventilation system. This can help improve the indoor air quality by expelling stale air and replacing it with fresh, filtered outdoor air.

— It has Energy Star® certified products such as lighting and appliances. This also reduces energy consumption and provides better comfort (e.g., with a less noisy dishwasher).

We could go on and on, you know. 😉

Let’s wrap up this story with a handy reminder: Buying a Munro Homes built home means that you’re guaranteed to have a home that looks lovely & actually is lovely to live with. Here’s what some of our long-time clients say about our homes:

“We still love our Munro home, and it was built in 1998!” —Brenda Woods-Ell

“Our home, an 1840 sq. ft. walkout bungalow, was built by Munro Homes 5 years ago. To this day, we enjoy our home like when we first moved in: with a feeling of a deep gratitude and appreciation for the builder.” —Wanchun Song

If you appreciate the positive impact our Energy Star® certified homes could have on your life and the environment, contact us today.

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