Would you like to see a preview of what living in a home built by one of the best home builders in Canada feels like from day one?

When you take possession of your new Munro Homes built home, you’ll get a handy-dandy manual about your home’s warranties, operation procedures, proper maintenance, etc. The manual looks a lot like the one shown in this post.

To the best of our knowledge, we provide the most information on how to care for a new home to new home buyers in Regina & the surrounding area.

What’s more, we also offer the most comprehensive post-possession care and services package to new home buyers in Regina & the surrounding area. Guaranteed.

Did you know that UNLIMITED on-site visits (if necessary, of course) at no extra charge are included in the first 24 months following the possession of a Munro Homes built home?

Did you know that no warranty-related repair (at no extra charge) is too small — re: drywall, doors, windows, paint, etc. — for our service crew during the first 24 months following the possession of a Munro Homes built home?

This exceeds the traditional new home warranty standard. As you likely know, the traditional new home warranty standard requires that a new home be free from defects in workmanship and materials for only up to 12 months from the possession date.

And it’s not just the so-called nuts and bolts that make our post-possession care unique. It’s also the attitude with which it’s delivered. Here’s what one of our long-time clients had to say about it:

”We bought a Munro Home in 2016. We just had a concern with a section of plumbing that appeared to be faulty. I called Heather (a member of the Munro Homes sales crew) on a Friday afternoon to ask her some questions about it. And she not only answered the questions but had her team join the plumbers to fix the problem on Monday. This is 2 years after we purchased the property.

This is an example of going over and above customer service that Munro Homes is providing. We would recommend Heather and the Munro Homes crew for any new construction because of their exceptional level of quality and service.” – Devron McLeod

So, if you want a new home that both looks lovely and actually is lovely to live with, then we should talk. Because we can fulfill ALL of your house-shopping desires. Guaranteed. 

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