A Story About The Caviar of Project Consultants

Almost all of our On-Trend Homes are co-created with our clients. Practically from scratch. That last sentence is here as a reminder of how complex & labyrinthine our builds actually are. 

But we can’t even get the build rolling if we don’t get something else rolling. You guessed it: we never get the build rolling unless we get a relationship rolling. So, how do we get that rolling? In big part by ensuring that the first person a potential client talks to is a relationship builder. ✨

The official title for such a position at Munro Homes is a project consultant. Being one is a delicate & demanding calling. We say delicate & demanding in part because:

– they must be an approachable & caring listener,
– they must be a self-starting doer,
– their calling’s duties don’t rest. Ever.

One person who has been living that delicate & demanding calling at the highest level for 30 years at Munro Homes is Heather McGinnis. Every step of the way, she’s been learning, evolving, and demonstrating a standard of excellence consistent with our mission of building the best-quality homes in Saskatchewan.

And that’s why the title of this story & the accompanying recognition is The Caviar of Project Consultants. Please join us in congratulating Heather on her well-deserved achievement and recognition!

Colin Chorneyko
President of Munro Homes

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